Tateyama , Japan 2018.12.3.


This is a photograph of a whale and a diver taken off the coast of Hasama, Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture.
You can see the size of the whale.
I saw the humpback whale up close for the first time at this time, but I was overwhelmed by its size.
whales in the waters near Japan aim from the north sea to the south sea such as the Ogasawara Islands and Okinawa for childbirth and child rearing in winter.
There are killer whales in the north sea, which are natural enemies for children’s whales, so we aim for the south sea without killer whales.
This photo was taken on December 3, 2018, so I think it’s probably an individual on a journey to the South Sea.
The pattern on the back of the dorsal fin of a whale is different for each individual, and it can be identified by the pattern on the back of the dorsal fin like a fingerprint in humans. Also, if you encounter this individual, you can identify it there.